Personal data

To register an account, only an email address is required. Payment information is saved by chosen payment provider only and is not given to us directly. This information is never sent to a third party. We cannot guarantee the safety of the connection used by the user to access the learning portal. We use everything in our power to ensure security from our end (e.g. activation of SSL for an encrypted connection). Data transfer on the internet can still be exposed to security vulnerabilities and, thus, complete protection against access from a third party is not guaranteed.


Cookies are files that the browser saves on your computer to identify you, save your progress, your settings or to analyze the site usage via third party services. Our website is no exception and by using our learning platform you agree to this. Session cookies expire when the session ends. Other cookies expire after a period of time or when you delete them yourself. If you deactivate cookies, we cannot guarantee that the learning platform is working properly.

We use cookies to learn of the behavior of our users through Google Analytics reports. Users can deactivate Google Analytics for Display Marketing and adjust the ads from the Google Display network here.

Log files

Upon accessing a page, the request is saved on the server. This data is used for maintenance work, adjustment, or safety and is saved in a standardized fashion. Saved data contains e.g. the IP address from the one who made the request, the time, URL, and information about the browser.

Social media

If any plugins is used by third party sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+) data can be transferred to them. If you are logged in to one or more of these services it is possible for them to connect your visit to our site with your account on these services. They can also save cookies.