Terms & Conditions

Date: 8 March 2022


The digital newspaper “The Swedish Weekly” (below “TSW”) is run by “North Tone Media Handelsbolag” (below “company”).

With a registration on “TSW” you (below “user”) accept these Terms and Conditions (below, referred to as “T&C”). By completing the sign up process a contract is being entered into by the user and the company. The T&C make up the framework for using the learning platform and we invite you to read this document thoroughly.

TSW offers functions free of charge but is mainly a paid service. Functions that are not free are clearly labeled as such. The user is not charged without notice and must perform a purchase actively.


  1. Only one account is allowed per user. The user is obligated to fill out the registration form truthfully. The user accepts, upon registration, the public use of their chosen public name or, if none is given, username, profile data (including progress, points and other voluntary data). Contact info, like the e-mail address of the user, is not publicly available.
  2. The contract for using TSW is entered into by the user and the company when the user completes the registration and accepts these T&C.

Using the service

  1. The user is not charged for creating an account with TSW. The functions are free of charge.
  2. The contract for usage of TSW can be terminated at any time. Please, send an e-mail to info[ a ]theswedishweekly.com with your deletion request.
  3. The account is then irrevocably deleted and the user cannot ask for release of any contents related to the account.
  4. The user has the option to support TSW with a monthly subcription. A subscription is automatically renewed if not paused or terminated under My account. All agreements can be cancelled at any time ahead of expiration.

Right of withdrawal

  1. The user can revoke a purchase made with TSW within 14 days without specifying any reasons. For the revocation to take effect, we ask for an e-mail (info[ a ]theswedishweekly.com) with a written statement.
  2. The paid fees are refunded to the same method of payment used at the purchase.


  1. The company cannot guarantee that TSW is reachable at all times but the platform is, of course, continually monitored in order to continue for a proper operation.
  2. It is assumed that anyone with the intent to use TSW has activated modern technologies (e.g. Javascript, Cookies) in the internet browser. The display and function of TSW depends on the software and device used by the user and it cannot be guaranteed that users with e.g. older or uncommon devices and software will be able to use the full power of the learning platform.
  3. The company is striving to make TSW accessible for as many users as possible. If there are any problems and you are unable to access the learning platform in its full performance, please contact the support in one of the ways presented in the Imprint. Don’t forget to attach info about what device and browser you are using (e.g. name, version number).
  4. Compensation claims will be dismissed.
  5. The company is liable only for foreseeable damages typical for the contract if these have been caused carelessly.


  1. The complete content of the learning platform is protected by copyright and a use of that content outside the learning platform is granted only with the approval of the company.
  2. The user grants the company the unlimited, free of charge and non-transferable right to save and use all content made by the user for TSW (e.g. polls, etc.). The company also has the further right to lock and delete this content. The user also guarantees that none of the uploaded content is copyright-protected by a third party.
  3. The user agrees that the uploaded content is available for private use only. The user is not allowed to use the mentioned content for commercial interests.
  4. The user is solely responsible for his account and has to make sure that it is not abused by a third party. He is responsible that any content that he uploads is free from malware which can affect the performance of TSW or the functioning of the devices of other users.
  5. The company reserves the right to block the user or block the user from the ability to upload content to TSW if a violation of these agreements exist. Furthermore the user guarantees to use TSW courteously and will not upload content which is illegal, harmful to young people, of pornographic, racist, or insulting nature.

The company reserves the right to change and adjust these T&C without any further reasons as long as it is necessary due to legal adjustments or technical progress.